Our Mission

iStock_000011259536_Small2nd Home Adult Medical Day Care is an alternative program that enables participants to live at home in the evenings and on the weekends while receiving individualized care for their medical, nursing, social, rehabilitative and personal needs at our centers, Monday through Friday.
2nd Home Adult Medical Day Care
 has been providing care, support, companionship and counseling for elderly and handicapped adults who require supervision during daytime hours since 1998. Why 2nd Home Adult Medical Day Care? 2nd Home Adult Medical Day Care Centers provide a program of social, recreational health activities and services in a group setting that:

  • Offers participants the opportunity to socialize, enjoy peer support, and receive health and social services in a stimulating and supportive environment that promotes better physical and mental health
  • Provides assistance to families and other care givers who have the responsibility for an older adult who cannot be left alone during the day and yet does not require 24-hour nursing care in an institution
  • Helps functionally impaired adults who live alone and need supportive services to improve or maintain their level of independence
  • Helps mentally and/or physically impaired adults to maintain or improve their level of functioning in order to remain in the community

Goals of 2nd Home Adult Medical Day Care:

Building on the supportive environment offered within a group setting, 2nd Home Adult Medical Day Care programs work to:

  • Promote our participants present level of independence
  • Maintain our participants present level of functioning as long as possible, preventing or delaying further deterioration
  • Restore and rehabilitate our participants to their highest possible level of functioning
  • Provide support, respite, and education for families and other care givers of our participants
  • Foster socialization and peer interaction of our participants
  • Serve as an integral part of the community service network and the long-term care continuum